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Meet our 2018 - 2019 Executive Board!

Caleb Diaz

Justin Robeson

Caleb is a junior from Chicago, Illinois studying Economics. He transferred from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Besides being Co-President of TSO, he is on the CAPS Advisory Board and a member of the Cipactli Latino Honor Society. In his free time, Caleb likes playing the cuatro (kind of like the Puerto Rican version of a mandolin), cooking, playing soccer, and playing poker. His long-term goal is to be an economics professor at a liberal arts college.

Justin is originally from Twinsburg, Ohio, and transferred after his freshman year at Xavier University. He is currently a junior studying psychology, and has interests in behavioral economics, human resources and mentorship. Outside of TSO, he is a mentor for Ase Academy, focused on academic, social, and cultural mentorship for black middle school students. He also works in the library system of several Philadelphia public schools. He values his introverted side, and loves to spend time on YouTube, watching/playing basketball, and reconnecting with old friends.

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 7.25.25 PM.png
Eve Frangopoulos
Executive Vice President

Geena Jung
VP of Internal Communications

Eve is a pre-med Biology major from Barnard College, Columbia University.  from Queens, New York and annoyingly talks about how she misses New York City everyday. She is an avid coffee fan and is constantly searching for semi-decent pizza in Philly. She came to Penn hoping for more research opportunities and to live outside of New York a bit before she returns after graduation.  Besides TSO, she's a member of Sigma Kappa sorority, Penn Period Project, Penn's Women's Biomedical Society, and Gastroenterology research.

Geena is a sophomore majoring in biological basis of behavior and minoring in chemistry in the College. She transferred from Georgetown University and is originally from Staten Island, New York. Outside of TSO, she works as an EMT, hospital volunteer, researcher at CHOP, neuroscience tutor, and performing arts mentor. If she's not studying for orgo or at lab, you can find her watching Friends, playing the guitar or piano, or looking at cute pictures of her dog. 

Suchy Kahlon
Co-VP of Student Life/
Admissions - Community

Kayla He
Co-VP of Student Life/
Admissions - Outreach

Suchy is a sophomore from Orlando, Florida who transferred from the University of Florida to pursue a major in history at Penn. His research focuses on how Enlightenment thought and the emergence of capitalism impacted colonization, but he is always eager to discover the histories of new cultures and time periods. Outside of being a TSO Representative, he is involved with the Nominations and Elections Committee (Penn Student Government) and the International Affairs Association. In his free time, he loves watching sports, discovering new music, and eating out at one of Philadelphia's great restaurants with his closest friends. After college, he plans on pursuing both a JD and a PhD in History.

Kayla is an international student from China and a transfer student from UCLA. At Penn, she is majoring in communications and public service, minoring in international relations. Outside of TSO, she is involved with the Penn Undergraduate Assembly and United Minorities Council.  The three things she absolutely loves are advocating for social justice, coffee, and authentic Chinese food.

Arman Afifi
Co-VP of Mentorship

Shawn Kim
Co-VP of Mentorship

 Arman is a pre-med trying to figure out how to be more than just another pre-med. After Penn, he hopes to one day become a family doctor in a rural area that is either near mountains, forests, the ocean, or any combination of the above.

Shawn Kim is a transfer from Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA. He is currently a sophomore studying Science, Technology, and Society (STSC). He was born in Seoul, South Korea, grew up in Queens, NY, and currently resides in Westwood, NJ. Outside of TSO, he is part of Renewal Christian Fellowship, UPenn NAACP, and SPEC Jazz & Grooves. He is passionate about social justice and enjoys listening to music and watching movies in his free time. 

Kim Amelsberg
Co-VP of Social Planning

Libby Constan
Co-VP of Social Planning

Kim is a proud German-American junior transfer from Emory University who is pursuing a major in biology with a concentration in mechanisms of disease and a minor in chemistry. Outside of TSO she is involved as a researcher in a cancer immunotherapy lab, ski races with the Penn Ski and Snowboard Team, and a member of Kappa Alpha Theta. She also loves exploring Penn’s food scene, taking yoga classes, dancing with her friends, and reading about science. She hopes to be a hematologist oncologist and own her own sailboat in the future.

Libby is a sophomore studying English in the College of Arts and Sciences. She transferred from Northeastern University this past year and is so happy with her decision to come to Penn. At Penn she is involved in a SPEC music group called Jazz and Grooves, which puts on concerts near Penn with upcoming artists. She also writes for the Penn Appetit magazine at Penn, which is a group that creates a magazine and other content all about food. Last, but certainly not least, she is a member of the Transfer Student Organization (the best organization on Penn's campus btw). She has loved her experience at Penn and as a transfer because of all the work that TSO did for her orientation and beyond. She can’t wait to meet all you incoming transfers this NSO!

Adrian Sherwood
Co-VP of Financial Affairs - Fundraising

Dan O'Sullivan
Co-VP of Financial Affairs -

Adrian, originally from Austin, TX, transferred to Penn as a sophomore from Washington University in St. Louis. He is now a sophomore pursuing a dual concentration in finance and business analytics. LinkedIn is his social media platform of choice, so send him that connection request and endorse his skills while you're at it. Apart from TSO, Adrian has involvements with various consulting organizations on campus. When he is not studying, you can find him in his hammock, no matter how cold. A fun fact about Adrian, he is oddly good at catching food with his mouth.

Dan is currently a sophomore studying economics, originally from Basking Ridge, New Jersey. He transferred to Penn from Wake Forest University after his freshman year. He is the VP of Finance for TSO and is also involved with the Wharton Investment & Trading Group, Undergraduate Economics Society, and the Pennchants a Cappella group. In his spare time, Dan enjoys playing guitar, watching basketball and looking at memes.

Jordan Shaked
VP of Marketing/Publicity

Alexa Cotler
TSO Representative

Jordan transferred to Penn after spending two years at SUNY Binghamton in New York. Currently a junior, he is majoring in biology with a concentration in cell and molecular biology and has minors in chemistry and cognitive science. In addition to TSO, Jordan is a member of Alpha Iota Gamma, volunteers at West Philly Schools with Moelis Access Science, and conducts fertility research at Penn Vet. He also hosts a HIT radio show with Alexa, TSO Representative. You can find Jordan around campus taking photos with his camera, sitting on the cold hard ground petting a dog, or quoting vines like it's his second language. Say hi to him because he's so cool!!

Alexa is a sophomore transfer from the University of Colorado Boulder majoring in cognitive science with minors in English and computer science. Besides TSO, she tutors elementary school children in West Philly through Penn Reading Initiative, is a photo associate at the Daily Pennsylvanian, and is a member of Sigma Kappa sorority. She also hosts a suuuuper popular radio show with Jordan, our VP of Publicity, at the student run radio station, WQHS. When she's not studying on the 4th floor of the library (best study spot shh), you can find her watching movies and eating out with friends. 

Melissa Maldonado
TSO Representative

Melissa, pronounced Meh- lee-sah or, if you’re a linguist, [ˌmɛˈliːsa] and is a sophomore transfer majoring in linguistics and minoring in cognitive science. Originally from Guanajuato, Mexico, she grew up in good ol’ Boise, Idaho where she developed a disdain for plaid and a refined palate for potatoes. She transferred to Penn from Boise State University after realizing that spud science was a waning field and chose to study linguistics because what screams job security more than being able to say ‘hire me’ in eight languages? As a proud Mexican-American-Italian-Ecuadorian, she appreciates the finer things in life like a delicate calzone or some classy reggaetón. When she's not involved with TSO, she enjoys reminiscing about the West Coast, watching Peep Show, and convincing people of the merits of Esperanto.

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