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Executive Board
Gabrielle Wagner

Connor Augustine

Gabi, a senior, transferred from Drexel University into Penn’s School of Nursing because she was attracted to a school with a renowned nursing program and a strong transfer community. She also minors in Psychology. Her career goals include attending Penn to get her masters and become a Family Nurse Practitioner. Outside of TSO, she is involved in Penn Benjamins, Penn Project One, and is a tutor. When not participating in clubs and studying in Fischer, you can find her practicing guitar and singing, running on Locust Walk, or shopping on Walnut Street.

Connor, a senior by way of Drexel University, transferred to study Political Science with minors in Urban Education & Fine Arts. He is a constituent service and legislative intern for a Philadelphia City Councilman and a research assistant for the editor of a forthcoming book. When not studying or working at City Hall, you can find Connor with a camera in his hand as a staff photographer for the Daily Pennsylvanian and the owner of a Philadelphia-based photography business.

Allison Dupont
Executive Vice President

August G-K 
Co-VP of Student Life/Admissions

Allison, a pre-vet Neurobiology major, is a senior transfer who traveled from the far away Philly suburbs to get a taste of the city life, decisively trading the Villanova Wildcat lifestyle for the Quaker’s various ways of life (though her dad still refuses to change his basketball fan status). A Montclair, New Jersey native, her hometown pride runs deep as she misses NJ pizza and bagels almost as much as she misses her dogs. She is involved with Sigma Kappa, research at PennVet/PennVet Working Dog, Pipeline tutoring, and Big Brothers Big Sisters. In her free time she likes to scout out free stuff on campus, baby sit foals, binge watch really addicting Netflix shows like One Tree Hill andGossip Girl, and order an obscene amount of Insomnia/Wishbone/etc. for herself.

August is a junior, former Ramblin’ Wreck from Georgia Tech, and proud Atlantan. He came to Penn because he’s always been more of a humanities and social sciences kind of guy - he majors in Political Science. He hopes to eventually study political theory in graduate school. When he’s not busy reading never-ending political science texts, he's either drinking coffee or acting in various theatre productions around campus. Despite always being busy, he still finds time to sauce fellow board members Caleb and Stirling in ping pong. He is also a huge fan of soccer, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia", and 60’s + 70’s pop.

Sarah Cronin
Co-VP of Student Life/Admissions

Ashley Warner
Co-VP of Mentorship 

Sarah is a junior transfer from Boston College who came to Penn to pursue a double major in History and Political Science. Outside of TSO, she is involved with The F-Word, The Penn Review, West Philadelphia Tutoring Project, and Chi Omega. When she isn't studying, you can find her procrastinating by exploring Center City, searching for free food on campus, or eating entire pints of Ben & Jerry's with her friends on Locust. 

Ashley is a junior transfer from the University of Georgia double majoring in Earth Science and Political Science.  Thrilled to be living in a city as exciting as Philly, Ashley would definitely agree that transferring is the best decision she has ever made.  A proud Jersey girl, Ashley loves being back in the Northeast (but really misses Georgia’s home-cooked southern meals).  Besides TSO, Ashley is a member of the Sailing Team, Penn Dance Marathon, and Sigma Kappa sorority.  When she’s not studying or running from one club meeting to another, Ashley can be found dancing, hanging with friends, sleeping, watching Netflix, or exploring all that Philly has to offer.

Caleb Diaz
Co-VP of Mentorship

Sabrina Qiao
Co-VP of Social Planning 

Caleb is a junior from Chicago, Illinois studying Economics. He transferred from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Besides being a Co-VP of Mentorship in TSO, he is the Co-Chair of the Latin@ Coalition and a mentor through Community School Student Partnerships at Sayre High School. In his free time, he likes playing the cuatro (kind of like the Puerto Rican version of a mandolin), playing soccer, and playing poker.  

Sabrina is a junior in the college studying English with a possible minor in linguistics. She's originally from just outside Philadelphia and transferred from Penn State. Other than TSO, she's also an associate editor for the Penn Undergraduate Law Journal (PULJ) and a staff writer for 34th Street. In the future, she hopes to attend law school and pursue a career in health law. In her free time, she enjoys poetry and any type of caffeine. 

Stirling Argabright
Co-VP of Social Planning

Amrajan Aujla
Co-VP of Financial Affairs

Stirling is a member of the class of 2019 studying in the biological basis of behavior program with a minor in environmental science. He transferred from Emory University. Apart from TSO, He is involved with the Penn Outdoors Club and Student Sustainability Association. He is a brother of Alpha Iota Gamma, Penn’s pre-health fraternity, is training to be a counselor at Penn’s chapter of Camp Kesem (for children whose lives are affected by a parent’s cancer), and is a member of the club lacrosse team. After graduation, he hopes to take some time to research and travel before applying to medical school.

Hailing from the true north strong and free, Amrajan is a senior studying Finance and Real Estate in Wharton. Coming from the beautiful University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Amrajan decided to see what all the hype was about on the East Coast (Beast Coast?). Outside of TSO, he is involved in the Wharton Business and Law Association, Wharton Undergraduate Real Estate Club, Wharton Finance Club, and Penn Connect. Outside of school, he enjoys playing hockey and basketball, watching Netflix, taking leisurely strolls to Canada, and hanging out with friends.

Vasil Hlinka
Co-VP of Financial Affairs

Paul Greenough
VP of Internal Communications 

Hailing from behind the Iron Curtain, Vasil is a senior studying Finance and Real Estate in Wharton. A transfer from Drexel University, he decided he loved Philly too much to leave. As they say, "East Coast, Beast Coast." Vasil is an active member in Wharton Undergraduate Consulting Club, Penn Latin Ballroom Dance, Penn Slavic Heritage and Culture Club, and Penn Connect. Besides school, Vasil enjoys Volleyball (Beach & Indoor), Squash, Skiing, taking leisurely strolls to Slovakia, and hanging out with friends.

Paul is a junior studying Mathematical Economics with a minor in Middle Eastern Studies. He transferred from George Mason University to Penn because of its renowned economics program, as well as its career development tools. Career wise, he aims to work in the energy industry dealing with oil, solar, or other renewable resources. Paul is also involved in the Polybian Society, a non-partisan political group, and the Undergraduate Economics Society, where he is the VP of Finance. He is allergic to watermelon. 

Kellen Sillanpaa
VP of Publicity

William Tuseth
TSO Representative

Kellen is a senior who previously attended both the University of Southern California and Solano Community College. He transferred to Penn for the chance to study in the diverse and definitely-a-real-major Urban Studies program, and to participate in a world class academic environment. He hopes to find a job in education policy back in California after graduation. Outside of TSO, he works for the Netter Center’s GEAR UP program, where he travels to local West Philadelphia High School and teaches high school freshmen about postsecondary education. He also fantasizes about dropping out of college to become a professional wrestler and makes dope websites.

William is a junior studying Economic History in the College of Arts and Sciences. After a year at the beautiful Middlebury College in Vermont, William decided to move on to the urban environment that Penn offers. He is involved in the Sigma Chi Fraternity, serving as the Philanthropy Chair in addition to having an online internship with a start-up. In his free time, William enjoys talking anything Minnesota sports, reading, and listening to hip-hop.

Shiv Nadkarni 
TSO Representative

Shiv is a junior transfer from Rutgers University, New Brunswick studying Biological Basis of Behavior. He is also pre-med. He transferred for the opportunity to study in Philadelphia’s cutting edge hospitals, and for the rigorous and inspiring academic environment. Outside of TSO, Shiv participates in Penn Counterparts a Cappella, Alpha Iota Gamma, Wharton Undergraduate Healthcare Club, and the After School Arts Program. He is a big fan of the TV show “Chef’s Table”.

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