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These are Penn's resources for supporting their students' health and wellbeing. Public Safety, SHS, and CAPS are particularly important for all students to be aware of.

Student Health Service

Student Health Service (SHS) offers accessible and affordable care, with services designed to meet student needs. SHS also coordinates public health programs and activities for University students, and administers the University’s immunization and insurance requirements.


Students can access the SHS portal to submit and view immunization information, make SHS appointments, or use secure messaging to contact SHS (Penn Key required).


Emergency services are provided at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP) Emergency Room, located on South 34th and Spruce streets. Charges incurred will not be covered by Student Health but can be billed to your own insurance. The Student Health attending physician on-call will be notified when necessary.

Counseling and Psychological Services

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) offers a wide range of services, including individual and group counseling and therapy, crisis intervention, structured workshops, psychological testing, medication reviews, and consultation. Your attendance is always kept private and confidential.

Division of Public Safety

The Division of Public Safety (DPS) is responsible for providing comprehensive safety and security services for all areas comprising the Penn Patrol Zone, which includes 30th Street to 43rd Street on the east-west border, and Market Street to Baltimore Avenue on the north-south border. DPS has over 500 Allied-Barton Public Safety officers on foot, bike patrol, and on posts inside Penn buildings.


Walking escort services (215-898-WALK/9255) are offered to anyone within the Penn Patrol Zone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 


Save these numbers in your phone:

EMERGENCIES: 215-573-3333 or 511 (from any campus phone) ; 911 (to reach Philadelphia Police for off-campus emergencies)

General DPS Information: 215-898-7297
Walking Escort Services: 215-898-WALK (9255) (24 hours a day from 30th Street to 43rd Street and Market Street to Baltimore Avenue)
Penn Transit Ride: 215-898-RIDE (7433)
Special Services: 215-898-6600

Women's Health

Women’s Health Services is a section of SHS staffed by women to serve Penn women. Visit Women’s Health for all of your contraceptive and other women’s health concerns. All services provided by Women’s Health are confidential.  

Penn Benjamins

​Penn Benjamins is an organization run by students, for students. They offer short-term, confidential peer listening and referral services to any member of the Penn undergraduate community. Students can feel free to come to Benjamins and talk about anything; they are skilled at listening, reasoning through problems, referring to external resources on and off-campus, and validating problems that we, as college students, face all the time.

Reach-a-Peer Helpline

The Reach-A-Peer Helpline/Online is a peer help line established in 1996 to provide peer support, information, and referrals to any and all students of the University of Pennsylvania.  The service is open to all students who wish to share a problem, are in need of information, or just want to talk to someone about anything on their mind. 


RAPLine offers two services:



The Line is available every night from 9 pm to 1 am. Reach them at 215-573-2727. 



You can send an anonymous letter to RAP-Line Online and then retrieve the reply within three days.  Letters can be submitted online any day, 24/7. 

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Office of Student Conduct

Students are responsible for abiding by all policies of the University as well as city, state, and federal law. The Office of Student Conduct (OSC) is the disciplinary office for the university. It investigates and resolves complaints alleging cheating and misconduct made against students. Where appropriate, issues may be resolved through mediation.

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