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Activities Fair

When you get to campus, there will be an activities fair all down Locust Walk full of clubs, job opportunities, and on-campus activities. Make sure to go and sign up for emails from all the organizations you might be interested in. Don’t hesitate to ask anyone in TSO about what they’re involved in, as well.


There are over 500 clubs and organizations at Penn for every student to find their niche.  Don’t be afraid to try something new!  Penn has a great range of pre-professional clubs and for-fun clubs for you to choose based on your academic, career, recreational, and personal interests. 

Penn Clubs is a student-created site made to better organize and help students find clubs. 

Athletics and Recreation

Aside from clubs, Penn has many opportunities to get your sweat on. Students can participate in varsity, club, and intramural sports, as well as take advantage of activities through PennRec. Spending some time at Pottruck, Penn's free gym, is also a great way to blow off some steam and stay healthy. 




Work Study

If you have been awarded work study as part of your financial aid package, there are literally hundreds of jobs you can choose from in a variety of occupations and academic interests.  The process is relatively simple; if you find a job you like, there is usually information on the job search website that will direct you to the application process. 


Career Services

The Career Services office can help you with resumes, job applications, graduate school, professional school, and more. They also host career fairs and workshops to help you start thinking about your post-Penn future.

On-Campus Recruiting

OCR, or On-Campus Recruiting, is a great tool for students to find employment by interviewing directly with companies on campus.  OCR usually begins toward mid-fall and/or early spring.  The timeline usually depends on the company, as well as your own interest in the opportunities offered.  While many Juniors and Seniors utilize OCR, Sophomores can also research companies to find summer work.

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